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Studio Marco

Your home for podcasting in 2024.


3 Canon R8 Cameras

4 Samson Q2U Microphones

Computer for uploading and editing footage

Mini Fridge

3 Studio RGB Lights

24/7 Keyless Entry

About The Space

Studio Marco is a SouthWest Florida based podcast studio for local creators. 

With a newly renovated podcast studio in the heart of Bonita Springs, Florida, you'll have all new equipment, with customizable lighting, live viewing and even a mini fridge!

​Upon purchasing the home in July of 2024, Jay has been working tirelessly to create a space that allows local creators the freedom to come in with minimal setup, hit the record button and do what they do best, create!

While the space itself is not large, we believe that the community that calls it home can create projects that reach a large audience! 

Be a part of the community today.

The Space


Let’s Work Together

27800 Marco Dr. 

Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Tel: 218-280-4428

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